Why Mikei?

1. Japanese expertise.

The Japanese were first in the world to commercially cultivate reishi of the red variety – a task considered impossible to achieve for centuries. The Mayuzumi family is the most credible 3rd generation mushroom growers and pioneers for high quality red reishi cultivation in a natural and organic environment.

2. Uses natural wood-log cultivation.

The most complex form of reishi cultivation, this method takes almost a year to produce mature, potent plants. Other common methods such as wood box and wood pulp/paper cultivation do not provide the same effective reishi as natural wood-log cultivation. To learn more, read here.

3. Uses hot water extraction.

Red reishi in its natural form is covered by a hard, indigestible substance known as chitin. To break down chitin, only hot water extraction can guarantee that the highest levels of biologically active compounds in reishi are being extracted. This has been the traditional method used for thousands of years, where reishi was prepared and used by boiling its fruiting body in water.

4. Sourced from the fruiting body.

The fruiting body contains all of the potent, biologically active compounds which make reishi effective, including reishi-specific beta-glucans and ganoderic acids. Products using mycelium does not contain the same essential compounds.

5. Bitter is better*.

The most unique, identifiable, and well-studied active compound (found in the fruiting body) is ganoderic acid A. An easy test for the presence of ganoderic acid A can be determined by the bitterness of the red reishi extract. The more bitter it is, the greater amount of ganoderic acid present.

* In independent lab testing among other "reishi" products available in the market, Mikei® scored the highest amounts of ganoderic acid A, whereas other products contained as little as zero percent.

6. Just one capsule a day.

While other reishi products on the market require you to take 3 capsules a day or more, you only need one Mikei capsule (16.6:1 extract) per day to receive the full benefits of red reishi.

7. It works.

Mikei Red Reishi is the most trusted reishi product across the globe and has been used by customers worldwide for over 15 years.

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